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ETF sector recorded substantial growth



ETF sector recorded substantial growth In March the ETF sector recorded substantial growth; Significant inflows in the USA in particular;

ETF sector recorded substantial growth In March the ETF sector recorded substantial growth; Significant inflows in the USA in particular; In Europe Bonds ETPs were in especially in demand; By contrast Equity ETFs continued to suffer outflows in Europe

European Monthly ETF Market Review; Deutsche Bank Markets Research
Data as at: 31.03.2016

Global ETP Market In/Outflows:

March was an unusually strong month for the global ETP sector. Worldwide inflows amounted to US dollar 40.3 billion. The February inflows figure was in fact only US dollars 9.8 billion. In total, the industry now manages assets worldwide of virtually US dollar 3.0 trillion (p. 8, 17).

Equity ETFs secured the highest inflows worldwide at US dollar 23.2 billion after they had suffered substantial outflows during February. Bond ETFs attracted inflows of US dollar 13.4 billion worldwide during March which was similar to the previous month’s figure. Commodities ETPs generated inflows of US dollar 2.8 billion which showed a considerably weakened trend in comparison to February when inflows had been US dollar 9.2 billion. (p. 17)

In regional terms, the US ETP sector was the clear growth driver significantly ahead of Europe and Asia. The US market recorded net inflows of US dollar 32.4 billion. There, Equity ETFs accounted for the largest share with inflows of US dollar 21 billion. Bond ETFs generated inflows totaling US dollar 8.9 billion in the USA. (p. 17)

Both the Asian and European ETP industries continued in positive territory. Following US dollar 2.3 billion in February, the sector grew by a further US dollar 5.8 billion in March. In total the European ETF industry now manages some US dollar 523 billion. While Bond ETFs and Commodities ETPs were extremely popular in Europe, Equity ETFs suffered outflows. (p. 1, 17)

European ETF Market In/Outflows


In the European ETF sector the negative trend impacting Equity ETFs continued during March. Investors withdrew Euro 1.9 billion from this product category, which was the same amount as the month before. (p. 1. 17)

The sell-off affected Equity ETFs on industrialized countries in particular with investors withdrawing Euro 4.3 billion which was even more than the previous month (Euro 2.5
billion). ETFs on broad European indices were particularly hard hit. Investors withdrew Euro 3.5 million from this product category. (p. 19)

At a country level, Equity ETFs on German equities were one of the losers with outflows of Euro 284 million, while by contrast Equity ETFs on British titles recorded inflows of Euro 448 million. (p. 4, 19).

Conversely ETFs on Emerging Markets equities were in demand during March. This product category secured inflows of Euro 1.4 billion. Most of this money was targeted at broadly diversified Emerging Markets indices (a plus of Euro 990 million). In addition, Asia/Pacific region Equity ETFs proved popular. They recorded inflows of Euro 153 million. (p. 20)

The Equities category that attracted particularly high levels of inflows in March was once again Strategy and Style ETFs at Euro 871 million and Euro 498 million respectively. Within these groups, quantitatively focused ETFs with inflows of Euro 795 million, as well as Dividend ETFs at Euro 408 million, were especially notable.
(p.4, 18)


In March the major winners in the European ETF sector included Bond ETFs. They recorded significant inflows amounting to Euro 6.1 billion, following Euro 1.4 billion inflows in February. (p. 4, 21)

Corporate Bonds contributed the largest share by far with a plus of Euro 5 billion. ETFs on Sovereign Bonds recorded inflows Euro 525 million. By contrast, investors withdrew Euro 212 million from Money Market titles. (p. 21)


Commodities ETPs also continued their positive trend from the previous month. They generated inflows of Euro 1.1 billion, after Euro 2.5 billion in January. (p. 4, 22)

Gold ETPs once again were one of the winners. The attracted a further Euro 844 million in March after Euro 2.2 billion in February. Silver ETPs recorded inflows of Euro 144 million. ETPs on Crude Oil, however, suffered slight outflows (minus Euro 78 million). (p. 4, 22).

Most Popular Indices

In terms of Equities, investors had their sights on ETFs on the MSCI Emerging Markets during March. In addition, products on the S&P 500 and the MSCI World were some of the most popular basis titles. (p. 23)

The most popular Bond ETFs were mainly ETFs on Corporate Bond Indices.
However, products on Emerging Markets and Sovereign Bonds from industrialized
countries made it to the Top 10. (p. 23)

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