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European Monthly ETF Market Review



European Monthly ETF Market Review

Deutsche Bank Synthetic Equity & Index Strategy Europe. European Monthly ETF Market Review Equity Inflows Offset by Fixed Income Outflows. Data in this report is as of 29th May 2015

European ETP Highlights

As of the end of May 2015, global ETP assets stood at $2.87 trillion with European ETP assets amounting to $507bn (€463bn). During the month of May, Equity ETFs registered inflows of +€0.9bn which were offset by outflows from Fixed Income ETFs (-€0.9bn). Commodity ETPs listed in Europe saw inflows of +€0.2bn over the last month.

European equities continue to attract new money

Since the start of 2015, ETFs with European equity exposure gained significant interest, both among European and US investors. In May, we observed inflows again into European equities for listings in both US and Europe, although in a smaller magnitude compared to the months in Q1 2015. Where European listings were concerned, our analysis shows a net inflow of +$846mn (+€762mn) and for US listed ETFs we saw +$2.1bn inflows in May.

Fixed income ETFs experience outflows for the first time in 2 years

Towards the end of April, bond markets started to sell-off pushing yields back up from their all time lows amid signs of economic recovery and increasing bond supply. This was reflected in the ETP market where we saw net redemptions within the asset class for the first time in 2 years, on a monthly basis. Over the month of May, fixed income ETFs saw outflows of -€865mn. This was driven mainly by sovereign bonds based ETFs from which investors’ pulled out over -€1bn.

Dividend theme lost momentum in May

In May, Dividend ETFs saw negative flows of over -€500mn. Many of the ETFs in this category saw outflows but it was skewed by a single heavy redemption in a US dividend ETF tracking the S&P High Yield Dividend Aristocrats index, totaling c.-€350mn.

German and Japanese equities preferred over UK and US equities

Among ETFs providing single country exposure, Germany, Japan, South Korea and France saw significant activity receiving inflows of +€1bn, +€355mn, +€278mn and +€203mn respectively. On the losing side, ETFs benchmarked to UK, US, Switzerland and China equities saw outflows of -€597mn, -€530mn,-€192mn and -€116mn respectively.

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