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The Third Industrial Revolution



The Third Industrial Revolution

Introducing a new monthly report co-authored by ETF Securities Research and Roubini Global Economics The Third Industrial Revolution

The Third Industrial Revolution

his report provides an update to themes introduced in our Quarterly Outlook, published in March. Our focus this month is on the wave of technological innovation that is sometimes known as the third industrial revolution.

Dramatic advances are being made in the fields of robotics, energy, health care, IT and even defense that will increase productivity growth, global welfare and living standards. Technological improvements in robotics and automation will boost productivity and efficiency, translating into gains for manufacturers.

The revolution will also benefit highly skilled workers, as well as consumers, who stand to benefit from the lower prices that result from lower production costs. Some economies will of course lose out as their traditional strengths become weaknesses (in manufacturing, for example), but others, particularly those that manage to invest in education, will win.

What to watch this month: Turkish general election (June 7), which could mark the start of political and economic fragility in the country; FOMC meeting (June 17) – we think the U.S. Federal Reserve will wait until September before hiking, at the earliest

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