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ETF Securities Commodity ETP Quarterly – Q2 2014



ETF Securities Commodity ETP Quarterly – Q2 2014

ETF Securities Commodity ETP Quarterly – Q2 2014

1.    A comprehensive and fully up-to-date reference guide to investing in global commodity ETPs and indexes – no ETP type or geographic area is excluded. The report details the large and growing choice of commodity ETP exposures and strategies around the world.
2.    Summary analysis of global commodity ETP flows, trading volumes and AUM trends. Includes a detailed analysis of the main trends in Q2 2014 and the outlook for the rest of the year.
3.    Roll yield analysis (contango/backwardation) broken down by individual commodity and commodity sectors.
4.    Useful fundamental commodity data and information. An updated and revised inventory trends section, positioning data, futures curve developments, commodity index compositions and weights.

We welcome suggestions for improvements, areas for further analytic exploration, new additions to our product universe and anything else you believe will help improve the publication.

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This communication has been provided by ETF Securities (UK) Limited (”ETFS UK”) which is authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority. When being made within Italy, this communication is for the exclusive use of the ”qualified investors” and its circulation among the public is prohibited.

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